Orthopaedic Services

Our doctors are experienced in managing acute fractures of the upper or lower extremities,  dislocations or lacerations in the clinic. Whether the required course of care is reduction and splinting/casting, or surgical intervention, you can be confident in the care at Cross Timbers Ortho.

Sports Medicine

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Joint Care

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Sports Medicine

Back in the Game

Our talented physicians and staff are skilled at keeping weekend warriors, high school, collegiate and professional athletes active and healthy. Our team will assess if non surgical or surgical treatments are indicated with the latest diagnostic tools and thoroughly review a treatment plan with the goal of returning to full function as quickly as possible. Sometimes rest, rehabilitation and strengthening or splinting are all that is needed. Should surgery be most effective to treat the injury, our doctor’s experience allows for discussion of the most appropriate reconstruction approach and technique.

Joint Care

Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Pain

There are many non operative options that help reduce pain and maintain joint mobility and function. Using the latest diagnostic and imaging tools, our physicians can prescribe a treatment course that helps alleviate the pain and discomfort of a degenerating joint.  Treatment can include any combination of rehabilitation, utilizing braces, prescription medicines, injections with steroids or cartilage regenerating meds. In addition, we are adept at identifying those who would benefit from regenerative therapies.  These specialized treatments make use of your own infection fighting cells to aid your body in healing difficult problems such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, patellar tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Read about our customizable knee implants HERE!


Diagnostics and Treatment

Our doctors are experienced in managing acute fractures of the upper or lower extremities,  dislocations or lacerations, when appropriate in the clinic. Whether the required course of care is reduction and splinting/casting, or surgical intervention, you can be confident in the care at CTO.

If your injury or orthopedic medical problem requires a hospital visit, please request the Emergency Room Doctor contact Dr. Bill Evans, for your care.

Stem Cell Regeneration

The Future of Orthopaedics

The restoration of normal biomechanics and healthy joint movement is here. There is a growing interest of medical professionals applying the values of regenerative medical treatment. Stem cells have various therapeutic functions in response to musculoskeletal injuries including variations of immune system treatment. Dr. Matt Maruska has been successfully performing Regenerative Services since 2017 with scores of satisfied patients.


Embark on a transformative journey with cryotherapy, a cutting-edge treatment that utilizes extreme cold temperatures to deliver profound benefits for overall well-being. Through both whole-body cryotherapy and targeted applications, cryotherapy revitalizes the body and mind, providing a wide array of advantages. Experience increased energy levels, accelerated recovery, reduced inflammation, rejuvenated skin, stress relief, weight management, enhanced immune function, and the unlocking of your full potential. Join us on this path towards optimal well-being, as cryotherapy stands as a remarkable solution supported by scientific research and evidence.

Digital X-Ray

This type of radiography uses x-ray sensitive plates to immediately capture data during the patient examination. Instead of the use of an intermediate cassette to transfer information, data is automatically transferred to a computer management system. Digital radiography has rapidly become the preferred choice amongst health providers. Our unit is inspected and licensed by the State of Texas.

Bone Density

The bone mineral density test is a simple, painless, non-invasive procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes. You will be exposed to a very small amount of radiation. The test will measure your bone mineral density (BMD), or bone mass, and compares that number with a reference population. This information will help your physician determine if you need to take any specific steps to protect your bone health.


We provide a variety of orthopedic bracing products to fit the individual needs of our patients. Our staff is trained to measure, fit and instruct the patient on proper use to insure they get the most benefit from the prescribed product. We handle the insurance verification, product billing, and assist with any questions or concerns our patient might have. At Cross Timbers Orthopedics, it is our goal to provide a comprehensive solution to service our patients. 


Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses x rays to obtain real time images that allows guidance for interventions, injections, reductions or diagnostic procedures.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is available in-house by our sister company Cross Timbers Imaging. MRI scanners produce highly detailed images of your body without using ionizing radiation. The large, 1.5 T magnet in the MRI system allows the atoms in your body to receive radio signals. The radio signals returned by your body are processed by a computer into finely detailed images. MRI images can aid your physician in making a rapid, accurate diagnosis.