Athletic Associations

The official team physician for Tarleton State and Ranger College

Tarleton Sports

Proud to serve as the official NCAA team physician for Tarleton Athletics.  Our sports medicine subspecialty team works closely with the coaches and TSU’s excellent athletic training program to keep their athletes in top form and on the playing field.

Ranger College

More recently privileged to serve as the official NJCAA team physician for Ranger Community College.  We look forward to cultivating long standing professional relationships and keeping the Ranger Athletes in top performance.

CTAT (Cross Timbers Athletic Training Association)

CTAT provides licensed athletic trainers to high school programs that do not have their own full time staff. We support our high school athletic programs, and have multiple area schools on this program.

Customized implants for knee replacements: 

With our partner DuPuy we are able to offer select patients in need of a knee replacement customized prostheses.  Each is designed uniquely for a patient from a CT scan and allows for individualized reconstruction. We offer this option, in addition to traditional knee replacements, as a part of our commitment to improving patient satisfaction and outcomes. Although traditional systems work well for the majority of cases, the customized implant allows for a specifically engineered fit to those whose structure and shape varies from standard.  Our surgeons can best identify if one of our standard prostheses or these customizable implants are best for your needs.