Make the Most of your Medical Insurance at Year End

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  1. I’ve met my deductible!
  2. Schedule your surgery with our nursing department.
  3. Complete surgery clearance and insurance      authorization (if required).
  4. Heidi Rivers provides you with an explanation of benefits, identifies what portion you will be responsible and sets up payment options. 

Ask about Care Credit!

“Check your benefits with ease! We work hard to find a solution that will work for you and be fair and transparent in the process.” 

Heidi Rivers

Heidi Rivers

Billing Administrator, Cross Timbers Orthopaedic and Cross Timbers Imaging

Heidi Rivers has more than 30 years experience in health administration. She helps explain benefits to patients so they feel at ease about their health and what the cost is. Heidi likes making patients feel comfortable and advocating for the patient whenever she can.

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